About The Gym

What makes DBG CrossFit different?

Once you come in you will realize this is not your average gym

First let’s start with what everyone is wondering, what does DBG stand for? The acronym DBG stands for Dirty Boat Guys. The owner of DBG CrossFit is a former Naval Special Warfare boat operator or SWCC. Back when the Special Boat Teams were established, SWCC operators earned this nickname because no matter what the task, no matter how miserable the conditions, they would always find a way to complete the mission.

That is the mindset we want to establish here at DBG CrossFit. No matter the workout, no matter the strength movement, no matter what the elements are like outside, all we ask is you give us 100% effort from the time you walk through the doors. If you are someone who likes to compete, you are a member of a fire department or police force, someone who wants to loose some weight or just someone who wants to move better, feel better and live a better life style, DBG CrossFit has the most experienced coaching staff and the most well designed programming to help you reach your goals.


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