What Our Gym Offers


Constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. CrossFit is designed for everyone. It is universally scalable in all aspects which makes it the perfect fitness regime for any committed individual regardless of experience, age or fitness level. All of our CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements you do in everyday life.

Personal Training

If you are not interested in group classes, we have a personal training program just for you. Our personal training program provides an individualized approach to your training. It will be a customized training program tailored for you and your current fitness abilities. You will work with a coach 1 on 1 to reach your fitness goals.


If you’re brand new to CrossFit, this program is a requirement. This course consists of 2, 2 hour classes teaching you the foundational movements you will see in a traditional CrossFit class. Each session will involve a warm up, an in-depth explanation of the movements and then a workout involving the movements you just learned. After the 2 classes are finished, you are ready to join the CrossFit classes!

DuraMater Therapy

DuraMater Therapy customizes in rapid recovery treatments aimed at developing each client’s individual recovery plan. We believe that recovering smart is just as important as training smart. No templates – no canned programs – everything we do is designed especially for YOU. Hallie Lifson is an Occupational Therapist specializing in Myofascial Release. She provides a variety of healing modalities including: Myofascial Release, Theracupping, Far Infrared Sauna sessions, as well as Dynamic Compression Therapy for legs, hips and arms. Bert Jacobs is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Structural Integration. Go to https://duramatertherapy.com and let us get your knots out.

Nutritional Coaching

Hallie Lifson is a licensed therapist and a coach. She is the last one you will ever hire! She uses a personalized and evidence based approach that helps empower her clients to optimize their nutrition AND their mindset. Through weekly check ins and becoming a part of the on-line community you will learn how to fuel yourself and finally get RESULTS.


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