Matt Dane


Matthew Dane was born in North Carolina and moved to the Fredericksburg area in 2013. He played competitive level athletics in High School and College, to include Division 1 Soccer. Matt joined the Army in 2000 and served within Special Operations at 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger
Regiment. After leaving the Ranger Regiment, Matt served as a Sniper Section Sergeant out of Hawaii. Matt has done 5 combat deployments supporting GWOT and served 13 years in the Army. Matt medically retired in 2013 due to injuries sustained in combat. He used Crossfit to build his body back from what he thought, as an athlete, were life changing injuries. Matt has worked for the United States Secret Service as well as the Department of Defense and currently for the Department of State. He believes in hard work and dedication above all else in the Crossfit and Tactical Athletics realm of fitness.
Be humble in your journey, realize it is ok to be beaten, it is ok to lose, it is ok to scale or not RX a workout. Women will crush you; kids will beat you and your friends will win; this is all ok. Choosing to come back each day, beaten, sore and humbled is what drives us to do better, work harder and be better people.
If you come here every day with the attitude and desire to get fitter and become a better person through this fitness community then you will succeed at every goal you have.